Frequently Asked Questions

We have both used/refurbished products. All used/refurbished products are highlighted / labeled and will have its own warranty.

All the other products that are brand new and authentic.

Once the order is placed you can’t add additional items to it but you can start a new order.

Unfortinalty. this option is not available.

You can view all our product categories by clicking on the ‘All categories’ drop down on the top left corner of the page.

Multiple shipments occur when the items you’ve ordered are delivered as separate packages on different days. 

What's the deal with multiple shipments? When you order consists of items from different sellers, we would be delivering them as separate shipments on different dates, depending on the seller. As our sellers are based at different locations, sometimes we're unable to collect all the ordered items from every seller on the same day. Therefore, we deliver these items separately as and when we collect them from the sellers. Don't worry! All your items will be delivered, safely! 

How do I know the estimated time of delivery of each item? You can find the estimated time of delivery of the item on the product page itself. It suggests favourable timings to place the order so you can expect its delivery at a suitable date. 

Where can I find the estimated time of delivery? Can't find it? It's under the 'Delivery' section, right below the 'ADD TO CART' button on the page. 

Will I be charged with shipping and COD fees on every shipment? Not at all! You'll be charged with shipping and COD fees when you order and not on the shipment of each item of the order. 

Have more questions? You can get in touch with our customer service team:
+971(03)7219773 in UAE between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm,

You can cancel your order during the confirmation or while it's under preparing by logging into your noon account and clicking on "My Account" > Orders. Every product ordered will be listed, by clicking on each you will get the option to cancel.

Once your order is shipped and sent out for delivery, you still can cancel your order however shipping charges will still be applied.

Depending on what's in your cart and what country you're ordering from, you'll get free shipping when your cart total is above the following amounts:

If your order includes at least one market item 1000 AED

If your cart total is below the aforementioned amount, you'll be charged a shipping fee as follows: